Sunday Morning Worship at Stone

February 23, 2020

Transfiguration Sunday – The Lord’s Supper

Morning Worship – 10:30 AM
Choir practice 9:15 AM – all are welcomed!

Exodus 24:12-18   Moses encounters the glory of God on mountain top

Psalm 99   Worship on God’s holy mountain 

2 Peter 1:16-21   God bore witness to the truth on the mountain 

Matthew 17:1-9   Jesus is transfigured on the mountain  

Sermon: You Had to Be There – Pastor Scott Leonard preaching

Create Positive Change by Shopping at our Fair Trade Shop

Laxmi Meharjan excelled at weaving, even when she was a girl.  Her weavings were sold, but Laxmi never saw any money.  Her earnings went to her father and later to her husband. 

When Laxmi began working with SERRV’s partner in Nepal, she took her earnings into her own hands for the first time in her life.  She vowed to use that money to put her daughter Sudha through school.  And she did-Sudha earned a Master’s degree in social work. 

You can help people like Laxmi by shopping at our Fair Trade Shop at Stone Presbyterian Church, 8 So. Park Row, Clinton.  We have a large selection of baskets, exquisite jewelry, collectibles, wood items, chocolate and food items, clothing, and toys from 38 different countries. 

Purchasing fair trade ensures artisans and small farmers fair wages and healthy working conditions, providing dignity, sustainable development, and hope to marginalized people.

Our hours are 10am to 6:30pm every Thursday and 10am to 4pm second Saturdays.  We are holding a 25% off Winter Sale during February (some restrictions apply). 

For more information, contact Lauralyn Kolb,, 315-725-1326, visit our website at or like us on Facebook at