Sherry Robinson

Sherry has worked at MetLife since 1983, when she started in the Auto & Home Division.  She currently works as a Claim Examiner in the Group Life Insurance Department, processing Survivor Benefit Insurance claims as well as other duties.

Among her many talents, Sherry has a unique gift for telling scriptural stories from the Gospels.  What makes this unique is the stories are told by heart without using the actual scriptures for reference.  She is part of a group, known as the Stone Church Storytellers, who are members of the Stone Presbyterian Church in Clinton, NY. The Stone Church Storytellers meet monthly to tell stories and make plans for telling the scriptural texts by heart.  They currently practice over 50 different stories from the scriptures.

I’m very happy to say that I recently had the opportunity to see Sherry and her fellow Storytellers perform live, the evening of Palm Sunday.  This particular performance was at their home church in Clinton, NY.  They presented several stories from the Gospel of Luke, including but not limited to the birth of Jesus, the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son, all told with tremendous passion and exuberance! It is a true performance, to say the least!

I must say that I was more than impressed. I actually found myself in awe of their ability to tell the scriptural stories without referencing the actual scriptures.  It was a phenomenal performance by the entire group of the Stone Church Storytellers. The group currently has six members who present the various stories from the Gospels in the oral tradition from which the scriptures originated.


In addition to the Palm Sunday evening performance that I attended, The Stone Church Storytellers generally offer additional performances throughout the year at various venues, as an outreach to the community. They recently performed at the Presbyterian Residential Community, in New Hartford, NY and are currently in the planning stages for other venues and performances throughout the coming year. If you have the opportunity to see this group, I highly recommend making the effort to go! It is wonderful experience and most absolutely a family-friendly event!


The Stone Church Storytellers include (l-r) Peter Massi, Elizabeth Smith, Scott Leonard, Sherry Robinson, Anne Dunn and Donna Goodfriend.